Interim Stewardship Council & other Partners

Bernie Amell, Ecological Designer & founder of Heartwood Cooperative, Quadra Island
CoHo BC, Collaborative Home Ownership
Paula Caird, Manager, Government of Canada
Jake Enns, Founder of the Renewing the Future Society
Lisa Fleming, Ptarmigan Arts
Ronnie Gelman, The Lifeboat Academy
Brooke Hayes, PhD, Soil Science, University of Victoria
Ben Kadel, PhD, Emotus Operandi; The Lifeboat Academy
Rebecca S. Krantz, PhD
Roland Maurice, The Lifeboat Academy
Deb L. Morrison, PhD, CLEAR Environmental
Jim Peacock, Southern Gulf Islands Community Justice Program
Karly Pinch
Heather Pritchard, Foodlands Cooperative of BC
Benji Ross, Founder of the Bioregional Catalysts and Weavers Guild
April Struthers, Social Change Consultant / Owner Wit Works Ltd.