Imagine if there were a living model of resilience right in the heart of your community – a physical space where we could demonstrate ways to sustainably feed ourselves, heal the local ecosystem, and work in harmony with nature and each other – would you want to be a part of it? Now imagine an interconnected network of these local models scattered around the globe, sharing information and resources to get through, and even thrive in, whatever might be coming.

That’s the vision behind the Lifeboat Academy – to develop a model of resilience and regeneration at the person, place and community level that can be easily replicated by practically anyone in their home community.

A Place-Based Action-Learning Commons

The heart of the model is a living experiment focused on maximizing quality of life within a sustainable footprint hosted in an experiential, place-based learning and retreat centre.

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A Social Benefit Company Based on Food Sovereignty

Ultimately, community resilience depends on local food sovereignty. We believe everyone should have access to their fair share of resources, which comes with an obligation to care for those resources responsibly. And we believe that caring responsibly and cooperatively for the land is good economics.

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